Alain Leguy photography exhibition
31 October - 30 November 2017

Athens - Paris. Yestreday - Today.

Between Paris, where I was born, and Athens, that I deeply love, even from the first moment I saw her, this has been a love promenade that I now share with you. There cannot be any intention to compare two cities so dissimilar, but simply to share the moments that the eye steals from time, between the past where they were created and subsequently fashioned, and the future towards which they inexorably move, under threat of becoming only inert museums.

Some of those takes have already now become impossible, made obsolete by the transformations that human activities have made inevitable; and this is the privilege that can enjoy painters and photographers to produce a testimony of what has-been, as well as to fix in eternity the ephemeral light of a single instant. Thus I wish you here a stroll as pleasant as my own aimless and random footsteps, that allowed me to fix those few images.

Born in Paris, Alain Leguy is  very soon passionnate by photography. He began to learn beside his father, himself passionnate amateur; and afterwards in a photo-club, among professionals who gave him advices and critics, and allowed him to show his pictures within collective exhibitions.

Despite the fact that he did not choose, at first, to have a professional photographic career, he creates a photo-club in Thonon les Bains (Haute Savoie) which he managed during several years.

His prefered domain of photographic word is essentially oriented towards landscapes and towns. Attracted by Greece, for which he has a true passion, he recently exposed his work in Paris and in Greece (Nafplio Festival), as well.

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Dates:31 October - 30 November 2017

Venue:IANOS Art Gallery

Address:24, Stadiou str., Athens

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