In the garden of the museum | 2012
September - October

Friday 14 September

Concert with the Cretan lutist Yiorgis Xylouris (Psaroyiorgis)

Thursday 20 September

Sounds from Crete by Petros Saridakis (Cretan lyra) & Ensemble

Tuesday 25 September

"Rebetiko", traditional music and songs from Izmir with Yiorgos Tzortzis' Ensemble

Thursday 27 September

"Rebetiko" songs from the 30s and other music Mpampis Papadopoulos (guitar) & Ensemble

Friday 28 September

Lasithi paths with Yiannis Vardas (Cretan Lyra) & Ensemble

Tuesday 2 October

From Hungary to the Mediterranean...with music

Tünde Ivánovics (song, lute) & Géza Fábri (song) - Hungary

Stelios Varveris (oud)

Friday 5 October

Antama (Together) – Traditional songs from Crete

Irini Derebei (song, winds) & Karolos Kouklakis (song, lute) 


Past concerts in June-July 2012

Tuesday 5 June

Trio Daulute. Daulute brings a unique and dynamic sound to the interpretation of Cretan traditional music. It draws material from a large Cretan musical repertoire and presents extensive improvisations using traditional manners while it also explores other Greek music idioms.

Friday 8 June

Keltoi. A group of Greek musicians, who inspired by Celtic music tradition, will present tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany.

Tuesday 12 June

The Greek oud player Alekos Vretos with his quintet (piano, bass, percussion and kanun) brings a blend of Arabic, jazz and latin music from his journeys to the East, Latin America and the Mediterranean.

Tuesday 26 June

The Gadjo Dilo band revives manouche gypsy swing tradition, performing works by the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt. Their vigorous improvisation and dreamy soundscapes convey the magical poetry of gypsy jazz tradition.

Thursday 28 June

Andalusian singer May Fernández along with the greek-spanish group Ronda al Alba in a unique, original flamenco experience.

Friday 29 June

The Anton Pann ensemble from Rumania (violin, percussion and vocals, lute and baglama) performs Old Romanian music influenced by the Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

Friday 6 July

The internationally renowned Belgian trumpeter Jeroen Berwaerts, previous member of the Canadian Brass and current member of the famous Stockholm Brass quintet, along with a brass ensemble of Croatian and Greek musicians, will pay homage to Giovanni Gabrieli, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his death.

Tuesday 10 July

Carousel ensemble. Polyphony blends with accordion, guitar, percussion, mandolin and double bass in canzonettes and tarantellas from Sicily, Napoli and Corsica to South France, Spain and Portugal.

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Dates:September - October


Organised by:specs 'n' arts

Venue:Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments

Address:1-3, Diogenous str., Plaka

Tel:+30 210 7234567

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Musical moments at St Paul's

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