Athens Early Music Festival
1, 14 & 15 October 2016

Early Music Festival at St. Paul's Anglican Church has been selected to receive the EFFE - Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, Label.

Artistic director: Dimitris Kountouras

7th edition - 2016

October 1, 14 & 15

Ex Silentio ensemble

Athens Early Music ensemble

Fani Antonelou, soprano

Flora Papadopoulou, baroque harp

Saturday 1

Homage to Guillaume de Machaut

Virelais - Rondeaux - Ballades

Friday 14

Tales of the Middle Ages

Medieval German folk songs and songs of the Troubadours

Saturday 15

Odi Euterpe

Italian monody from the early 17th century




6th edition - 2015

October 16 & 17

"Il Settecento"

This year's programme includes works by  A.Vivaldi, G.P. Telemann, Fr. Geminiani and J.G. Pisendel.

Dimitris Kountouras - recorder & flutes

Dimitris Karakantas - baroque violin

Dimos Goudaroulis - baroque cello

Iasson Marmaras - harpsichord


5th edition - 2014

October 3 & 4

Renaissance music from Florence, Italy

The programme of this year's edition includes works by famous composers who were born or lived in Florence (the cradle of the Renaissance), as well as carnival songs or canti carnascialeschi, a late fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century song category used to celebrate the carnival season in Florence, mainly the weeks preceding Lent and the Calendimaggio, which lasted from May 1 to June 24. The festivities included song and dance, usually performed or led by masked professionals.

Ex Silentio ensemble

Theodora Baka - mezzo soprano

Electra Miliadou, Dimitris Tiggas - viela & viola da gamba

Dimitris Kountouras - recorder & flutes


4th edition - 2013

September 27 & 29

"Av' Eva"

Medieval music from the Mediterranean

Works by Rimbaut de Vaqueiras, Rimbaut d' Aurenga, Cantigas de Santa Maria (Alfonso el Sabio, Spain 13th c.), Arabo-andalusian tradition, instrumental music from 14th c., Italy.

Savina Yannatou – voice

Ex Silentio ensemble

Dimitris Kountouras – recorder & flutes

Tobias Schlierf – voice, organetto & hurdy gurdy

Elektra Miliadou – fiddle

Thymios Atzakas – oud


3rd edition - 2012

Ex Silentio Early Music ensemble in collaboration with the Greek contralto Theodora Baka present two unique concerts, inspired by Jean-Jacques Rousseau's theory on the musicality of languages,from the Middle Age to Renaissance through to Baroque, highlighting the diversity and pluralism of musical expression in Europe. This year, the second concert will be held at Parnassos Concert Hall.

St. Paul's Anglican Church - October, 5

Early music from the Middle Age and Renaissance in Italy, Spain, France and Germany with works by J. Ciconia, G. De Machaut and Gh. Da Firenze

Parnassos Concert Hall - October, 6

Homage to the Italian Baroque with works by G. Carissimi, C. Monteverdi and A. Corelli among others


2nd edition - 2011


Ex Silentio Early Music ensemble presents music from Britain and France. Melancholy was connected with philosophical thought and was considered a virtue of spirit during the Renaissance and Baroque times, with a great influence to music and poetry as well.

September, 23

Early music from Britain, works by H. Purcell, J. Dowland, J. Playford, as well as dances and masques of the 17th century

September, 24

Early music from France, works by G. de Machaut, J. Hotteterre, A. Forqueray, as well as secular renaissance and baroque French songs and airs

Κonstantina Pitsiakou – voice

Dimitris Kountouras – recorder & transverse flute

Αnreas Linos – medieval fiddle & viola da gamba

Eugène Michelangeli - harpsichord


1st edition - 2010

Ex Silentio Eearly music ensemble presented a panorama of 200 years of music: The first one from the 13th century Castilian court of Alfonso el Sabio and the pilgrimage Libre Vermel from Catalunia up to the Jewish Sephardic traditional songs of the diaspora and the toscan trecento musical idiom. The second concert explored the 15th century French polyphony devoted to the lyrical poetry serving love.

September, 24

"Lucente Stella - Medieval music from the Mediterranean"

September, 25

"Guillaume Du Fay and his time ? secular music from the 15th century"

Works by Guillaume du Fay, Johannes Legrant, Beltram Feragut

Theodora Baka - voice

Dimitris Kountouras - recorders & direction

Elektra Miliadou - viela

Andreas Linos - viela

Thymios Atzakas - Oud


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Dates:1, 14 & 15 October 2016

Organised by:specs 'n' arts

Info/Tickets:ticket services

Venues:St Paul's Anglican Church (27, Philhellinon Str.)


Musical moments at St Paul's

St Paul's church, a historic building of simple English Gothic architecture with excellent accoustics, hosts a series of concerts where classical repertory and music from all over the world are presented to Athens' audiences

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