Tinos arts festival
5 August 2016

Since 2005, the "Friends of Tinos" association, in cooperation with specs 'n' arts, Tinos Municipality and the Cultural Foundation of Tinos have been organising the Tinos arts festival with the participation of soloists and ensembles from Greece and abroad, such as pianists Janis Vakarelis, Dimitris Sgouros, Alexandra Nomidou, Tasos Pappas, Apostolos Palios, Jannis Antonopoulos, Philippe Alegre, Fabrice Boulanger, Yiorgos Psyhoyios, trumpet player Jeroen Berwaerts, clarinetist Dionysis Grammenos, violinist Ikky Opitz, the Ensemble Wien, the Mozart Quartett Salzburg, the Athenian Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra, the Some Handsome Hands 6-hand piano trio, the Novitango Quintet, the Ronda al Alba flamenco group, the Greek composer and singer Alkinoos Ioannidis, the Mexican singer Martha Moreleon with Greek pianist and singer Alkis Kollias and flutist Manos Avarakis, percussionist Jorge Luis Carrera and guitarist Dimitris Kotronakis, the Orchestra of Colours conducted by Miltos Logiadis, the Athens Camerata under the baton of William Kunhardt, the Swedish Musica Vitae orchestra, the Athenian Mandolin and guitar quintet, the Boban & Marco Marcovic Orkestar and the popular Greek singer Manolis Mitsias.

In the 11 years of the series, the "Friends of Tinos" association has also organised and sponsored theatre performances for the children of the island, as well as contemporary art exhibitions and other beneficial activities.

On 5 August 2016 the main concert will be given at the open air theatre of Koumaros, and will present the renown Greek singer Manolis Mitsias with his band performing songs by famous Greek composers, such as Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hatjidakis, Stavros Xarhakos a.o. based on greek poetry.

The 2014 edition presented among others, the Quintet "D. Dounis" of the Athenean mandolin and guitar Orchestra "N. Lavdas" in collaboration with the Greek soprano Ioanna Forti, performed works by Vivaldi and Hatzidakis at the open air theatre of Koumaros, in Exombourgo, Tinos. 

The 2013 edition presented the Swedish Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra, which boasts over three decades of music making, with collaborations with various art forms outside the traditional realms of western art music. The Orchestra performed in Tinos, under the baton of the young talented and internationally awarded Swedish Conductor Fredrik Burstedt, music by Nino Rota, Wilhelm Stenhammar and Giuseppe Verdi, for the commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the famous Italian composer.

The 2012 edition hosted two concerts, the first being organised at a school yard in Chora, on Monday 7 July with the participation of the renowned Belgian trumpeter Jeroen Berwaerts and a Brass Ensemble of Greek and Croatian artists, in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Giovanni Gabrieli's death, as well as a chamber music concert with the Athens Camerata in works by Bach, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Grieg, on Friday 20 July at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos with free entry for the public. 

The Greek pianist Apostolos Palios performed with the Athens Camerata conducted by William Kunhardt, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Arensky Chamber Orchestra. 


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Dates:5 August 2016

Organised by:The "Friends of Tinos" association

With the support of:Tinos Municipality

Media Relations:specs 'n' arts

Info/Tickets:General admission 10 euros

Production:specs 'n' arts

Venues:Koumaros open air Theatre, Exombourgo, Tinos                                     


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