Tolga Alpay



Turkish bassoonist Tolga Alpay is principal with Izmir State Symphony Orchestra and member of Izmir Bassoon Quartet, Izmir Wind Quintet and Artis Ensemble. He has studied at the Dokuz Eylül University State Conservatory with Sahap Ruhselman, in Turkey, and in Germany with Prof. Karl Otto Hartmann, Prof. Heinz Holliger and Prof Dieter Klöcker at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg. He has performed with Basel Sinfonietta, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Schleswig-Holstein Festival Philharmonic Orchestra, Cologne Symphony Orchestra and Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, among others.

He is also an active chamber musician having collaborated with soloists such as Hans-Jörg Schellenberger, Maurice Bourgue, Radovan Vlatkovich, Michel Lethiec, Anton Martynov, Martti Rousi, Michela Martin, Frans Helmerson, Hariolf Schlichtig. He has given lectures, masterclasses and participated in concerts at Leipzig Felix-Mendelssohn Music Academy, Manchester Royal College of Music, Stuttgart Music Academy, Lübeck Music Academy, Karlsruhe Music Academy, Athens' Parnassos Hall series, Nafplion International Festival and International Festival of Cyclades in Syros, Greece.

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